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A first for this place, I now feel comfortable with the amount of “stuff” I have on here now. It certainly gives you, my readership a feel for what I’m about, and some of my thought processes.


So, now is the time to start experimenting with this wonderful media of the interwebs, and see what you lovely people have to say.


To this end, I’m going to kick off a bit of a quiz/survey.

What you’ve seen from me so far has been what I’ve been playing with, and some of my suggestions on what I reckon is good enough to mention to others.


What about yourselves? Is there any bit of kit that you’ve bought yourself and been really, really impressed with? Such that you don’t know how you lived without it?


It doesn’t have to be high end, custom designed by the Illumati, made by little green elves using Unobtainium.

It can be something you’ve picked up for less than a tenner, thinking only to give it a go, and been utterly impressed with it.


So, feel free to tell me what you’ve been playing with, and why you like it.

A bit later down the track, I’ll ask you about what you’ve tried and been disappointed by. So for the moment, we’ll keep it to the positive side of the house.


Look forward to hearing what you’ve got shoved into your pack.

In your own time – go on.

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