Seasons Greetings 2012

Please let me take this opportunity to wish all of you, my readers and supporters and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

For those of you deployed, please take it easy, watch your flanks and get as much Christmas cheer as you can so far from home and loved ones.

For those of you walking the beat, sitting in a meat wagon or fire truck, having to ensure the safety of our not so adoring public, please be careful of your clients, especially the ungrateful ones.

You will all be in my family’s thoughts and prayers.


2012 has proven to be an exciting year on many levels.

Somehow, I haven’t quite managed to do all I had planned for reviews, funnily enough.

2013 is promising to be just as exciting.


Rest assured though, the new year will bring some long awaited reviews and news. A quick sneak peak for you all:

SHOT Show round-up (Yes America, be worried. I’m returning to your fair country to maul as many fine firearms that I can no longer own)

The new Crossfire DG-6 AUSNICE

More Source hydration bladders and packs

Mystery Ranch NICE Overload Alpha

Wilderness Equipment Tectite tent

Mystery Ranch Komodo

Kifaru Garment belt

Outdoor Research gloves


Is there anything else in particular that you mob would like me review?

Let me know.


Meanwhile, Merry Christmas, may Santa in his red stealth suit bring a whole heap of cool and fancy kit to put under your tree.

Enjoy too much good food, good booze, and good times with family and friends.



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