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Funny thing about service life – we gather a lot of gear as we spend any amount of time working. Then try out new equipment and concepts in an attempt to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

Hence, most of us have trunks of unused equipment sitting around taking up a great deal of space. Most of the time, we just can’t get rid of it.

It was with this idea that my friend Matt started his own online business to service a need in the industry.

He’s now got his own website and online classifieds for us to offload unwanted gear and do some horse trading. We’ve all done it within the unit, with some blokes offering a myriad of services as well, such as pack fitting for those of us who are numpties.


So poke your nose in and support another small business.

I’ll posting up some of my unwanted kit in the next few months. I definitely need to clean out my mancave!

The site can be found here:



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  • 22F says:

    Ok everyone, as promised, I’m starting to list my unwanted gear on KitTrader for sale.
    Let my loss be your gain.
    If you really like the gear I review, and want it for a little cheaper than what you can get retail, then go and check out the link above.

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