Packs and Beyond is having a Garage Sale!

As the title suggests, I have waaaaaay too much crap piling up in my man-cave. Let my excess fill your deficiency of high end kit! Something for everyone!

Help me pay some bills, buy Christmas presents so my family will love me again and fund the setting up of a new rifle.

There’s heap of gear currently posted, and more being added as I go through all my bags and boxes.

Thanks to our friends at kitTrader, all our listings can be found here:

Cash is king, but I’m also looking for trades. Maybe you have something I want? Let’s do some horse-trading.

TRADES I’m looking for:

– Aimpoint T1

– Surefire P2X Fury

– Surefire X300U

– Some sort of light mount than can be mounted to a rail and has an extension, similar to the Unity Tactical Fusion, or Thorntail

– XS Sight Systems Long Rail for Marlin 1894

– Magpul XTR Handstop

– Blue Force Gear VCAS sling (unpadded)

– Blue Force Gear Universal Wire Loop (prefer long, but short should do as easily)

– Wild West Guns happy trigger for marlin 336 (.30-30) and 1894

– Aluminium magazine followers for Marlin 336 (.30-30) and 1894 (.357Mag)

– Wild West Guns Bear Proof Ejector for Marlin 336 and 1894


Thank you for looking and let me know if you want to do some horse-trading.

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