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Some really good news to announce.

My mate Chad has started his own business. He’s a former US Marine, movie stuntman, small arms armourer and firearms instructor who has finally gotten sick of working for others and wants to get out into the ranks of the self-empoyed.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chad when first went to SHOT Show in Las Vegas in 2011, and was able to catch up with him and darling partner again last year.


As a Marine rifleman (hence the 03 MOS designator, equivalent to us Aussie’s ECN of 343), and having the ability to hang onto a zodiac inflatable dinghy for dear life, Chad spent some time in the same training areas I did on combined multi-national exercises.


As a knuckle-dragger with a very cerebral bent, he brings some heart-felt and passionate experience to the table. We wish him all the best in his new endeavours, and can’t wait to catch up again over a beer.

If it wasn’t for ITARS restrictions, I’d be heading over to the States to do some training with him.


Check out his website:

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