Sneak Peak: Camelbak Rubicon


Thanks to our friends at Military Gear – Enoggera, we were able to briefly examine the Camelbak Rubicon.


It looks like a really nice and well built design, that should be better than other options out there such as those items from 5.11.



Harness three quarter view:





Unique access into the hydration bladder:



Side access pouches:





Hopefully, opportunity to fully examine and review this pack will arise later in the year.





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  • Gam_e_oveR says:

    How would you compare it with the new BFM? Is the middle clamshell a Plus?

    • Gam_e_oveR says:

      Also, will a grimlock d-ring fit the low profile composite molle webbing?

      • 22F says:

        Well mate, I’m unable to compare to the BFM, I haven’t seen it.

        I’m not entirely sure, but a grimlock should fit the low profile webbing.

        I’ll be able to tell you more later when I get the pack for a full review.

        Hope this helps.

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