A podcast? Entering modern social media.

As we mentioned briefly in passing earlier in the year after SHOT Show, an opportunity to participate in a modcast through the Primary and Secondary Network came up. 


Packs and Beyond was thrilled to be asked to participate in a podcast with Darin from Extreme Gear Labs (found HERE), working out of Colorado in The States and Stefan from Varusteleka in Finland (found HERE).


It was great to have a conversation about our favourite topic and how it applies to the real world with some experts in the field. Ranging from material selection, design, and quality assurance, it was a pretty wide ranging conversation. 


The audio for P&S 151 – Nylon Design is now available on iTunes (found HERE). 

Apparently there might be an video version coming out soon, so that all of you can see I have a head for radio. I’ll update links when that becomes available.


Despite my ugly head, it was a great chinwag with like minded people. 


So have a look at the link, and realize I giggle like a little girl despite my best efforts to avoid doing so. 


We’re planning on another nylon related  Modcast in the future. Is there anything you’d like to hear discussed?

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