SHOT Show 2018 – Part 2

Just like last year, I’m planning on presenting my observations of SHOT show products and companies in several parts. Both to make it easier to write and digest for you, the reader.
Let me know if you like this format.



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SHOT Show 2018 – Part 1

SHOT Show 2018 was held in Las Vegas from the 23rd to the 26th of January this year.
As per last year, Packs and Beyond was acting as an ambassador for Crossfire Australia ( We would like to thank Crossfire Australia once more for this great opportunity.


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SITE VISIT – Australian Defence Apparel (ADA)

We have some exciting news to share here at Packs and Beyond:
Our latest Trip Report.


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INDUSTRY NEWS – Outdoor Tactical Elite’s 5.11 Day

Outdoor Tactical Elite here in Brisbane had their 5.11 day VIP event last week.


I was fortunate to receive an invite to this event.


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SHOT Show Round-Up: Part 3


The third part of my adventures at SHOT Show.


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SHOT Show Round-Up: Part 2

In Part 1 of my SHOT Show Round-up (seen HERE), we looked at Range Day.

Now, we continue the series by commencing a look at products and company’s that drew my eye.



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SHOT Show Round-Up: Part 1

SHOT Show 2017 was held on 17-20 January, with a range day on the 16th.


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TRIP REPORT – SSAA Shot Expo, Brisbane August 2015

Something of a first for the Australian market, the Shot Show hosted by the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) was envisaged as an outreach to the buying public of the shooting sports for industry suppliers.




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TRIP REPORT – Land Forces Conference, Sept 2014

Land Forces Conference is the newly renamed Land Warfare Conference which I have attended previously.

It is an opportunity for industry supporting the defence force to showcase their efforts, and allow demonstration some of the other capabilities and toys they have.



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AAR – The Hat Trick, The Overland Track Sept 2012


Opportunity and desire to go walking came up again.

I haven’t been able to go for any long range walks due to recovering from illness, and real life things like work and the wonderful experience of getting married seemed to keep popping up and delaying planning.


So it was decided to start preparing for a long walk again. The biggest difference for this trek, was being able to introduce my darling wife to the joys of getting away from civilisation.

A great many destinations were discussed and evaluated for suitability. The Overland was decided upon. There were a couple of reasons for this, primary amongst them being I was likely to have a couple of inexperienced walkers, who I wanted to introduce into walking somewhat slowly – since due to work commitments, we weren’t be able to spend a great deal of time on lead-up walks overnight in the local areas around our home. Since I’m fairly familiar with the Overland from previous trips, and the comfort level of the huts (with attendant toilet facilities), the idea was fairly easy to sell to everyone, especially my darling wife.

It was also an excellent opportunity to show my beloved what I consider some of the most beautiful spots on this earth.


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