Kit – Using It, Marching Order

Marching Order (aka 3rd Line)
This “how-to” has been a long time coming. I had a draft, with pictures all ready for publishing, but the hard drive I store my documents on died. It’s taken me a significant period of time to get caught back up to where I’m relatively happy (or happier) with the level of detail I need for this article.


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REVIEW – Wilderness Equipment SAS Mk6

ITEM: SAS Mk6 General Purpose Combat Pack


MANUFACTURER: Wilderness Equipment (WE)



An 85 Litre-ish general purpose combat pack with external pockets and an internal X frame.


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REVIEW – ADA Large Assault Pack

  1. ITEM: Pack, Large Assault

MANUFACTURER: ADA (Australian Defence Apparel)


An external frame, dismounted combat pack. This was the pack that was selected as the winner of the latest SCE Tender (Land125-3B) held by the ADF.




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REVIEW – Denali Cargo Duffel Bag, 140L

ITEM: Cargo Duffle Bag, 140L



Large capacity duffel bag that provides general purpose soft luggage use.



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REVIEW – OnePlanet Tasman Hybrid Travel Pack

ITEM: Tasman Hybrid Travel Pack



A hybrid travel pack that is designed to be used for adventure trekking in the wilderness, or backpacking (dare I say even “glamping”) through the urban jungle.

Hybrid packs can be stowed as “normal” looking suitcase or duffel bag type luggage, with a hide-away harness feature that allows hip loading backpack to be used for full carrying comfort.



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REVIEW – Oneiros Valley MEAN Pad


MANUFACTURER: Oneiros Valley

DESCRIPTION: A lightweight NICE frame accessory that allows a wearer to better configure the lumbar pad on the Mystery Ranch NICE frame in order to adapt comfort levels and suitability for other worn equipment.



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ITEM: DG-6 AUSNICE Infantry Pack

MANUFACTURER: Crossfire Australia


An 85 litre, general purpose combat pack with external pockets using the NICE Frame.


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REVIEW – Mystery Ranch 6500

ITEM: NICE 6500 Expedition Pack



A top loading expeditionary sized, NICE frame compatible pack, of 107L. The 6500 is suitable for missions up to ten days. The 6500 is the NICE frame compatible version of the Tactiplane.


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AAR – The Hat Trick, The Overland Track Sept 2012


Opportunity and desire to go walking came up again.

I haven’t been able to go for any long range walks due to recovering from illness, and real life things like work and the wonderful experience of getting married seemed to keep popping up and delaying planning.


So it was decided to start preparing for a long walk again. The biggest difference for this trek, was being able to introduce my darling wife to the joys of getting away from civilisation.

A great many destinations were discussed and evaluated for suitability. The Overland was decided upon. There were a couple of reasons for this, primary amongst them being I was likely to have a couple of inexperienced walkers, who I wanted to introduce into walking somewhat slowly – since due to work commitments, we weren’t be able to spend a great deal of time on lead-up walks overnight in the local areas around our home. Since I’m fairly familiar with the Overland from previous trips, and the comfort level of the huts (with attendant toilet facilities), the idea was fairly easy to sell to everyone, especially my darling wife.

It was also an excellent opportunity to show my beloved what I consider some of the most beautiful spots on this earth.


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REVIEW – Crossfire DG-6

PRODUCT:      DG-6 Pack

MANUFACTURER:      Crossfire Pty Ltd

An external frame, large patrol pack with external pockets and a veritable tonne of features.

This item is the Australian company Crossfire’s entry into the non-modular long range or general purpose tactical backpack market. Capacity is listed at 85L (um, 5187 cubic inches).


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