REVIEW – Battlesystems Marker Panel, Individual, LW

ITEM:      Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight (MPIL)

MANUFACTURER:      Battle Systems LLC

DESCRIPTION:     An ultra-lightweight high visibility marker panel intended for the dismounted individual.




The Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight has been graciously provided by Battle Systems LLC. Whilst I have received a small financial donation towards the upkeep of this website, this review is like any with supplied equipment, in that I have conducted the review with the proviso that I will be painfully honest in my assessment of this item.

Unlike most of my reviews of supplied equipment, this item won’t be returned to the supplier. It will be going straight into my pack.


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REVIEW – Mystery Ranch IFAK




A self-contained IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) pouch to be worn on the man for immediate emergency use. You may also want to receive first aid training from Mississauga Coast2Coast to be able to use the contents effectively. Generally loaded with medical supplies to deal with immediate trauma such as gunshot, blast or breathing problems caused by those anti-social interactions between people we has seen so much coverage on the television in the last few years. I know for some of the readership however, that they haven’t been watching the television too much, they’ve been creating or living in the very news stories the rest of us have been watching.


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REVIEW – Mystery Ranch Crew Cab

ITEM:                     Crew Cab

MANUFACTURER:            Mystery Ranch


The Crew Cab is an expandable pack made up of 3 separate compartments and components for carrying loads that are unusual in size and shape. It can be used as a compact day pack of 31L (1900 cubic inches) capacity, or expanded out to 82L (5000 cubic inch) capacity.


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REVIEW – Mystery Ranch RATS Pack

PRODUCT:           RATS Medic Pack

MANUFACTURER:            Mystery Ranch


The RATS (Rapid Access Trauma System) is a daypack sized aid pack for combat medics to access their supplies.


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REVIEW – Mystery Ranch Comms2

PRODUCT:           NICE Comms 2

MANUFACTURER:            Mystery Ranch 


A fully integrated external frame load carrying solution for manpack radio sets, ancillary equipment and the signaller’s personal equipment, using the famous Mystery Ranch NICE frame. (more…)

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