REVIEW – Thermarest Prolite 3 in Coyote/Foliage

ITEM:      Military Prolite 3 sleeping mat in coyote/foliage

MANUFACTURER:      Thermarest

DESCRIPTION:      A lightweight, self inflating sleeping mat designed for a paramilitary end-user.


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REVIEW – Source Assault 10 Hydration Pack

ITEM:      Assault 10L Hydration Pack

MANUFACTURER:      Source Tactical

DESCRIPTION:      A small assault combination assault pack with inbuilt facility to carry a 3L water bladder and 10L of cargo capacity.


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REVIEW – Mystery Ranch NICE and AUSNICE Frame

ITEM:    AUSNICE and NICE Pack Frame

MANUFACTURER:      Crossfire (AUSNICE) and Mystery Ranch (NICE)


A detachable, hybrid external modular pack frame that is the cornerstone of the Mystery Ranch military pack range. Can also be fitted as an after-market upgrade to a great many other pack bags.


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REVIEW – Crossfire DG-6

PRODUCT:      DG-6 Pack

MANUFACTURER:      Crossfire Pty Ltd

An external frame, large patrol pack with external pockets and a veritable tonne of features.

This item is the Australian company Crossfire’s entry into the non-modular long range or general purpose tactical backpack market. Capacity is listed at 85L (um, 5187 cubic inches).


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REVIEW – Crossfire DG-1 Sniper Pack

ITEM:   DG-1 Sniper Pack, 60L 3-day Assault Pack


A 60L, top loading pack that can be loaded for day trips, as a 3-day pack or similar. Designed by Ian Maley of Wilderness Equipment fame.


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REVIEW – Crossfire DG-8 SF

ITEM:     DG-8 SF Pack

MANUFACTURER:     Crossfire


Long Range variant of the Crossfire DG series. An internal framed, expeditionary sized pack. Straight out of the box, this pack is capable of carrying a whopping 133L+, including all external pouches.


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REVIEW – Crossfire DG-3

PRODUCT:      DG-3

MANUFACTURER:      Crossfire Australia


A modular internal frame Patrol pack. Flexible design that is intended to be used as a general purpose pack/ruck for patrolling for several days fully loaded. (more…)

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REVIEW – Crossfire DG-2 Lighthorse

PRODUCT:      DG-2 Lighthorse

MANUFACTURER:      Crossfire Australia


An internal framed, modular “hybrid” panel loading travel pack, of 60L capacity designed for mounted troops.

The hybrid designation refers to the civvy market idea of having the best features of a travel bag/duffle bag and hiking pack combined into one unit. (more…)

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