Sneak Peak: Camelbak Rubicon


Thanks to our friends at Military Gear – Enoggera, we were able to briefly examine the Camelbak Rubicon.


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REVIEW – Mystery Ranch BASE Frame

ITEM: BASE (Body Armour Support Equipment) Frame



An accessory for combat body armour that adds comfort and safety by converting a shoulder load into a hip load, thereby increasing comfort and safety of the wearer. IMG_2126 (more…)

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REVIEW – Mystery Ranch Overload Alpha

ITEM: Overload Alpha



A specialist patrol pack of 54L, but possesses an expandable cargo area between the frame and rucksack that is designed to carry awkward objects, such as mortar tubes, ammunition boxes and long rifles.

The unique design of this pack allows it to be used in two modes: a conventionally configured top-loading patrol pack, and expanded out to a cargo carrying mode.



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REVIEW – Wilderness Equipment Bushranger

ITEM:    Bush Ranger Daypack

MANUFACTURER: Wilderness Equipment


A simple, no-frills 43L top loading daypack, made of 1000 Denier cordura.


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REVIEW – Thermarest Prolite 3 in Coyote/Foliage

ITEM:      Military Prolite 3 sleeping mat in coyote/foliage

MANUFACTURER:      Thermarest

DESCRIPTION:      A lightweight, self inflating sleeping mat designed for a paramilitary end-user.


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REVIEW – Source Assault 10 Hydration Pack

ITEM:      Assault 10L Hydration Pack

MANUFACTURER:      Source Tactical

DESCRIPTION:      A small assault combination assault pack with inbuilt facility to carry a 3L water bladder and 10L of cargo capacity.


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REVIEW – Vertx Multicam Smock

ITEM: Multicam Smock


A next generation offering of the classic combat smock.
The traditional combat smock made of a cotton or NYCO blend of material, is intended to be a windproof (but not waterproof) garment to allow some protection from colder conditions yet allow breathability during high activity periods.

This iteration of a combat smock from Vertx is not only windproof, but waterproof as well, due to it’s highly technical material that stops water droplets on the external surface, yet allows water vapour to pass through to prevent the wearer being struck by hypothermia.


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REVIEW – First Spear Exigent Circumstances Pack

ITEM:    Exigent Circumstances Pack

MANUFACTURER:           First Spear


New kid on the block, this is First Spear’s offering of an Assault Pack that can be worn attached to combat body armour, or stand-alone with shoulder straps.


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INDUSTRY NEWS – Military Gear Grand Opening

A staunch supporter of Fire Support Base and this very site, Military Gear has made the big step of opening their own retail shop in Brisbane.


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REVIEW – Wild Things Lowloft Jacket

ITEM:      Low Loft Jacket

MANUFACTURER:      Wild Things


A lower loft, quilted parka intended as a warmth layer in a suite of cold weather clothing.


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