SNEAK PEEK – Woody’s Wynda

It was at LandForces Conference earlier this year that we were fortunate to meet and have a chinwag with the team behind Woody’s Wyndas.


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REVIEW – AttackPak Defender Sustainment Pack

ITEM: Defender Sustainment Pack



A top loading, long range pack with a unique hip-loading belt arrangement.



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This is what winning feels like…

This is what winning feels like:- Quiet exultation, tinged with bittersweet sadness. 


My latest article on fighting order evoked some very interesting responses on one of the Facebook pages I posted it on. 

 . (more…)

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Kit – Using It, Fighting Order

Fighting Order (aka Second Line).


The previous two articles in this series speaking of the general over-arching concepts (seen HERE) and our Third Line, or Marching Order (seen HERE). Now, let us continue the saga to discuss the Second Line or Fighting/Patrol Order.


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A Group Shot or…. I emptied my shed!

A challenge was set awhile back by someone who didn’t believe me when I said I have “a few packs”.

This is after doing a decent cull of the herd last year too.

So what do we have here?



21x packs of various types/sizes

1x satchel (HRO)

3x sets of chest webbing (I know there’s another set of belt webbing somewhere in the shed)

2x plate carriers


Can anyone pick what I’ve got in the line-up?

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REVIEW – Crossfire GP Jacket

ITEM: General Purpose Jacket

MANUFACTURER: Crossfire Australia


A modern general purpose smock/jacket based on the venerable M-65 design.



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Sneak Peek – AttackPAK

We’ve spoken of our friends at AttackPAK previously.
We met them a couple of years ago at SHOT Show, and they’ve done us a huge favour by sending a Defender Sustainment pack for evaluation and review.


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Christmas Wishes – 2020

It’s been a pretty rough year for many.


After losing a dream role in April due to the pandemic, I’ve been unemployed for most of it, living in my parents place.

I can only hope that 2021 brings positive change to all of you.


Despite the negativity of the year, it’s been an excellent chance to appreciate what I do have:


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Social Credit Score = 0


A data point for us all.
I’ve just copped a 24hr ban for breaching Farcebook “community standards”.

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REVIEW – Mystery Ranch Scapegoat 35

ITEM: Scapegoat 35



A low profile, hunting pack for use in close and tight terrain.



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