REVIEW – MilTemptech Mapping Templates


ITEM: Coordinate Scale and Protractor, and the Warfighting Symbology Stencil
MANUFACTURER: Military Template Technology Pty Ltd


Navigation aid and map marking stencil.




The protractor and symbol stencil has been kindly supplied by our friends from Military Template Technology (link HERE).

I have done the review (like many with supplied equipment) with the proviso that I will be painfully honest in my assessment of this item.

Although, to be fair, it’s not like I conduct too many activities marking maps any more. Real life has also prevented me from spending any great amount of time navigating through the outdoors at the moment.

If I may ask a favour of you all?

Please let the suppliers of reviewed equipment know how much you appreciate these reviews and their support for this site. Let them know how much my reviews have influenced your purchasing decisions.

This review is going to be a little bit different to my normal format, where I’ll speak of each product separately.




Warfighting Symbology Stencil –


Protractor –







In the ADF (Australian Defence Force) there is a fairly liberal issue of protractor’s for personal use.

These are a rigid and somewhat brittle piece of gear.

Protractors are a useful tool as part of one’s personal navigation kit, especially when used in conjunction with a prismatic compass. Since I normally carry a Silva-type orienteering compass, a protractor isn’t necessary as often. Unfortunately though, there are some job descriptions and roles that mandate the use of the protractor/prismatic compass combination.

I’ve been told that our allies, the US Military, issue a protractor (Coordinate Scale and Protractor GTA 05-02-012, Jun 2008), but that it’s a somewhat flimsy and easily damaged item, very similar to the issued ADF example.

Military Template Technology’s protractor is designed to be soldier-proof. It’s made from 1.5mm thick (approx. 0.06inch) UV2 polycarbonate, which is waterproof, scratch/abrasion resistant, UV-stable, and strong.



The protractor also has cut-out roamer sections to accurately plot grid references to suit several common map scales.

The protractor is a good size for fitting into my Australian issue Vuee-tuee notebook holder.



One thing I really like about this protractor compared to my old ADF issued item is that MilTempTech item is much easier to use when fatigued or time is at a premium.

Due to its 360 degree (or 6400 Mil) construction, this one is a lot easier to use and decipher when the mind may be a little bit fuzzy from lack of sleep. This is something I have to be constantly aware of when using my old issued protractor.

The construction is such that I wouldn’t be too concerned with having to baby it like I have had to do for many years with my issued item.

Military Template Technology is so confident of their product that they offer an astounding guarantee: if you manage to break it, tell MilTempTech all about it, and they’ll provide a new one for the cost of shipping.





Drawing mapping symbology for military operations can be difficult, especially for people like me who failed art in kindergarten with crayons.

This stencil is able to neatly draw just about every military symbol possibly needed on a map, as well as complying with US DOD Std 2525B and TIB82.

An extremely useful tool for command post personnel or anyone that has a job using military mapping on a semi-regular basis.

The plastic that this stencil is constructed from is pretty tough and can handle a decent amount of abuse.

Whilst I haven’t had a need to use such things for many years, I’m reliably informed that items such as this stencil are a great tool to have for command post exercises and anyone who spends time drawing on maps for briefing or operational purposes. I can see a real need for this kit while on Command Post duties to keep situation maps up to date.

They seem to be quite popular, so much so that they often disappear after being “borrowed”, never to return to their original owner.

These could be a really nice stocking filler for around the office/unit around the Festive Season.

A very quick example of using the Warfighting Symbology Stencil on a map. I’ll title this one as “Ah…. bugger!”:



See if you understand the joke.




Some great items needed for the more hum-drum, yet essential, activities of map marking and navigation.

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