Sneak Peek: Crossfire DG-16

Our friends at Crossfire Australia have sent their latest generation patrol pack for me to examine.


It’s pretty exciting to see this one, since I’ve played a small role in design development.





More will come out in the full review, but to whet your appetite:

  • 85L capacity.
  • Space-age frame, compatible with combat body armour.
  • Quick release harness straps, something I’ve personally been bleating to the design team for years about.
  • Revolutionary materials.
  • Removable hip-belt for those wearing belt-webbing.
  • All the usual excellence in design that one expects from Crossfire.



A full review will be conducted and published down the track.

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  • Very nice design. Can I ask what the pack material is composed of? Thank you. JD

  • 22F says:

    G’day Jonathan,

    The packbag material is 500D nextec dyed cordura.
    A lot more detail will be coming out in the review.

    Hope this helps mate.

  • Jr. says:

    Any rough idea on when it’s likely this will be available for purchase from Crossfire? Tossing up between waiting, and picking up a dirt-cheap dg3.

  • MTC says:

    Any update on the full review mate?

  • 22F says:

    Coming mate! Coming!

    There’s been a few things going on behind the scenes and real life to delay this one.
    Your patience is appreciated.

  • Jacko2549 says:

    For those tossing up whether to buy one of these while waiting for a full review my recommendation is an unreserved YES!
    I’ve spent a lot of money looking for the best military pack and right now this is it! You’ll need to pouch out the outside yourself so that’s an additional cost to consider but it’ll serve you well for decades.
    Even if you don’t like the pack the frame will fit any Alice style pack including the new adf issue and is quite simply the best and most versatile military frame in world bar none.
    Do your spine and shoulders a favour! I mounted it to my old wilderness equipment pack and it’s an unbeatable combination!

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