So… You think you can design? (Part 6)

Since our last announcement awhile ago (see HERE), there have been some exciting developments for our M-Lok compatible forearm for the Marlin 336.


There has been a significant effort towards product development and design maturation. The big sticking point in this project has been raising capital to fund the next steps.

We have found a CNC workshop/manufacturer to partner with, which is really exciting!

An order has been placed for Prototype 2, which is going to be a pre-production prototype/sample.

Here then, are pictures of Prototype 1B, our last 3D printed sample.




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  • Lyle Benjamin says:

    Looks great. I like seeing the effort put into making your carbine more efficient.

    Do you have any pictures of the forend on the Mistress?

    • 22F says:

      Not as yet mate.

      Due to the very limited budget for this project (we’re literally running on the smell of an oily rag), we made a mistake with our measurements.
      We used a replacement forearm and forgot that many of these items need material removed for correct fitting to individual weapons.

      Because of our truncated prototyping schedule, we haven’t been able to correct this measurement until our pre-production prototype. Thankfully, we have an extra set of eyes from our CNC manufacturing partner to confirm all is well.

      Normal prototyping procedure would normally be a hard copy prototype after every design change during development. In this case, we’re up to Version 13.

      It’s only due to diligent risk management and a fair dollop of experience from my work in product development from other industries that we’v been able to get away with what we’ve done.

      We’ll definitely have more pictures once we have the next prototype in hand, and at the completion of live-fire certification.
      Which makes me start wondering if someone would like to become an ammunition sponsor for Packs and Beyond?

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