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  • Jarrad says:

    Hey what do you know about SORD? Are they good to go? I was thinking about getting some SORD pants and since they are an aussie company I figured I’d ask you.

  • Jean Moxhet says:


    Nice review website, Thanks.
    One question, what’s the pack (model+brand) you use as reference on many of your pics?
    Thanks for the info.


  • Shadeslayer7 says:

    Hey mate could you please do a review on the Gerber ultimate survival knife as well as the Gerber fire starting kit.

    • 22F says:

      I’d have to contact Gerber sometime mate.

      It also depends on how much time I have available. My current WIP (Work In Progress) pile is getting longer than my arm…

  • Alex says:

    hey there, just read your review on the SORD Field Pack and was a bit concerned about the lack of a hip belt. was there any way to take the kidney pad off and install a new one with a kidney belt? cheers.

    • 22F says:

      I don’t have the pack anymore to check, but one should be able to replace the kidney pad with an after-market kidney belt mate.

      Some of the Yank after-market items like Tactical Tailor or others do some decent items.

      Bear in mind though, it might be more of a belly-belt rather than a hip-belt depending on how the pack harness is tightened.

      Hope this helps.

  • AJD says:

    Hi I am looking at getting a DG-8 SF however I would like to know if the new DG-6 is worth the wait. So I was wondering will it be up to the same standard as the DG-8 in strength and comfort and how long I would be waiting to pick one up?

    Many thanks

    • 22F says:

      To be fair, the DG-8 and the DG-6 are chalk and cheese.
      The DG-8 is an expeditionary pack of 130L capacity, whereas the DG-6 is a general purpose combat pack of about 85L.

      First question: do you realistically really need the size and bulk of the DG-8?

      The new generation DG-6 will be NICE frame compatible, with MOLLE on the sides, which means you’ll be able to change pack bags and setups depending on load and task.
      In addition, with the new AUSNICE frame that is currently available, which has quick release buckles and removable BVS, you’ll be able to more easily setup the harness for use with armour if you need it for work.

      I’m currently playing with the new AUSNICE frame now, and should have a review written up on it in the near future – once I find some more time away from work.

      In summary, if you really don’t need the expeditionary sized pack (most people I know really don’t need that capacity), I’d wait for the DG-6.

  • Les says:


    I was wondering if you have had any contact with the Eberlestock Terminator pack? I’ve been researching for a few months and it seems perfect for me, but it’s very expensive. Especially from Platatac! They are charging an extra $300 on top of the US price… almost double.


    • 22F says:

      G’day Les,

      I’ve only managed to have a quick squizz at the Eberlestock range of packs.

      They’re not bad, but I consider the harness a little bit dated compared to others in the market nowadays.

      I’m not going to defend Platatac, but importing items into this great country of ours legally as a business entity is a painful affair.
      Our Customs and Excise impose tariffs and taxes for just inspecting the product as it arrives into the country, more costs are imposed for holding the shipment during quarantine and the government also imposes a tax on any imported goods.

      All these costs, as well as other overheads of rent for a shop front, wages for staff, advertising, and just for fun, lets slap on a heap more taxes imposed by the government.

      Yes, one can import single items themselves at a massive saving, but I find that customer service should anything go wrong with the item is much better through a local agent.

      Hope this helps mate.

  • C-DOG says:

    Hey mate.
    You’ve mentioned your Hennessy Hammock on a couple of pages and, after a bit of interweb snooping, I’m fairly interested. Any chance of a review in the near future?

    • 22F says:

      *big laugh*

      Yeah mate, my review of the Hennessy Hammock is on my “To-do” list.
      That list is currently longer than my arm.

      I’m slowly going finishing items on my list.
      One of these days…

  • Cody Duffney says:

    My name is SGT Cody Duffney with 702d EOD out of Germany. Getting ready for a deployment and have been trying to figure out what bag will provide me the best overall use. I currently rock the Camelback Tri-Zip (Mystery Ranch platform) and it has served me well on my last deployment. However, I’m getting bugged by the straps digging into my shoulders when wearing my kit. I read your review on First Spear’s Exigent Circumstance Pack and am very interested in this pack. I was looking for your insight on a bag that can molle to my kit with a quick disconnect option. Preferably can be loaded out for a 3 day ruck. Normal gear I carry is a couple pairs of socks, one extra shirt, bivy sack cover out of the standard issue Army sleep system, and my Gen III waffle top. Operational load includes C-4 and demo set ups as well as tuna packs and misc. MRE stuff. Is the First Spear bag going to meet my needs? Or is there some other bag you can reccomend? Any input will be appreciated.

    Thank You
    SGT Cody “Duff” Duffney

    • 22F says:

      G’day Duff,

      If the straps on the Trizip are digging in, then I don’t think the ECP will help much at all.
      Because the ECP is designed as a 1-day pack, rather than a 3-day, the ECP may be struggling to carry what you require. And because of it’s intended 1-day use, the straps on the ECP are of lighter construction.

      Other alternatives I can think of off the top of my head is the Eagle AIII or equivalent, or the ATS RAID.
      If more capacity is needed for all your EOD stuff, the Crossifre DG-1 or DG-2 may be suitable. The harness on the DG- series is very good.

      Hope this helps mate, and best of luck on lead-up training!

  • Ben says:

    Hi mate, just read your latest OLT report. Good stuff, I enjoyed your first as well. A mate & I are heading down for that walk in December.

    Few questions if you don’t mind
    Have you got a load list I could get a look at?
    What weight were you humping?
    How much water & food did you end up carrying?

    I’ll be using the 6500 & can’t seem to get my dry load (kit only, no food or water) under 18kg including pack.

    We’ll be trying to avoid the huts & camp if we can since I’ve heard they can get a bit noisy & feral in peak season & we’re smack bang in the middle of it.


    • 22F says:

      G’day Ben,

      Your dry weight using the MR 6500 isn’t too bad. I was carrying about 25kg’s fully bombed up with water and food.

      My load list:
      – Sleeping bag, Crossfire ECW
      – Silk sleeping bag liner
      – Thermarest sleeping mat
      – Wilderness Equipment Tectite 4 tent (which was a lot of space and weight in my pack)
      – Thermal underwear (top and bottom)
      – Socks x3
      – Gondwana fleece jacket
      – Raincoat, Mountain Design XCR goretex model
      – Beanie
      – Sealskinz gloves
      – Camp slippers
      – Kitchen kit (wine cask bladder, spork, pot, brew kit, washing items)
      – Stove kit (MSR Internationale, fuel bottle, matches)
      – Rations was approximately 500g to 1kg per day, I was carrying 7 days worth, so call it approx. 4kg
      – 1L Nalgene bottles x2
      – 1x brew mug, and 1x washing mug (cups that could be slipped on the end of my Nalgene bottles
      – Battlesystems Lightweight marker panel
      – Small hand trowel
      – Girlie bag (toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, soap)
      – Toilet paper
      – Isocol rubbing alcohol – small bottle
      – Micro fibre towel (approximately table cloth size)
      – First aid kit
      – Notebook and pen
      – Camera
      – 90mph tape, half roll
      – Electrical tape, 1x roll

      That’s as far as I can recall at the moment.
      Hope this helps,

  • Anon says:

    Hey mate, if you get the chance, you should review the new Cross Fire DG6 AUSNICE Infantry pack, it looks pretty gucci, I’d be interested to see what you think of it.

    • 22F says:

      Hi mate,

      I have one in my hot little hands as we speak. Just getting the time to actually have a good play with it and write it up is problematic at the moment.
      Apologies to my adoring fans who are waiting on this, but real life gets in the way at times.

      Unless you’d all like to petition gear suppliers that I become a full-time gear reviewer? Maybe we could start a Facebook page…

  • Elke says:

    I would like to purchase a DG-1 rucksack…how do I go about this?

  • Larry Maiolo says:

    How do I order mining vest?

    • 22F says:

      Hi Larry,

      If you go back to the review, and check the link to the company provided in there, that should take you to the manufacturer.

      Failing that, try safety shops in the mining areas like Mackay, or Singleton.

  • Jarrad says:

    I’m I’m the market for a solid day pack. Happy to pay for quality. Ex choco that’ll be using the bag for my go to EDC. I’m looking at the ATS Raid II or the WE Bushranger. I’d like 40-50L (3kids). Is the Raid II worth the money ? Have I missed a suitable alternative?
    Thank you.

  • Jonathan says:

    Hi mate! Just got a SORD field pack with SORDs field pack waist strap. It helps, a lot, but but I am looking for a better fix. Do you know if the Crossfire DG Frame Set will fit the SORD pack?

    • 22F says:

      G’day Jonathan!

      Yes mate, the DG frame set will fit any ALICE compatible rucksack.
      The SORD pack bag and the DG frame would be a nice combination.

  • Grim says:

    Hey mate. Been reading your reviews on packs and pack frames for a while and eventually followed your advice and got myself a Mystery Ranch NICE frame . So glad I did! The most comfortable frame iver used so far with a heavy load! Thanks for the great advice! Keep up the good work!

    • 22F says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words mate!
      So glad we’ve been able to help.

      If you buy the kit new, please make sure to mention to the supplier who helped with your decision making process!

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