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REVIEW – OV Innovations UP Belt

PRODUCT: UP (Under Pack) Belt



A slimline, light-weight pants belt intended to integrate with equipment worn over the top, such as a pack harness.



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REVIEW – Source Cupron Military Sock

ITEM: Cupron Military Sock

MANUFACTURER: Source Military


A technical sock, individually fitted for each foot that incorporates extra padding and refinements to the design compared to normal socks.



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Our friends at ATS (check them out HERE) have been really busy over the last few months, as you can deduce by the news releases they keep putting out.


The latest news from the ATS Team is that have added a new division to the business.

I’ll let them explain:


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ITEM: Light Field Anorak



As the name implies, this is an anorak. It’s designed to be a mid or outer layer for wear during cold conditions in static locations.




This garment has been graciously supplied by SORD.

I have received no financial compensation for the review of this item. I have done the review (like many with supplied equipment) with the proviso that I will be painfully honest in my assessment of this item.

The Light Field Anorak has had limited field testing due to real life getting in the way.


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REVIEW – Columbia Interchange Softshell

ITEM:     Interchange Softshell Jacket

MANUFACTURER:     Columbia Sportswear Company


A softshell jacket from the Titanium line. Intended for double duty for outdoor or high end streetwear in a civilian setting.


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REVIEW – Vertx Multicam Smock

ITEM: Multicam Smock


A next generation offering of the classic combat smock.
The traditional combat smock made of a cotton or NYCO blend of material, is intended to be a windproof (but not waterproof) garment to allow some protection from colder conditions yet allow breathability during high activity periods.

This iteration of a combat smock from Vertx is not only windproof, but waterproof as well, due to it’s highly technical material that stops water droplets on the external surface, yet allows water vapour to pass through to prevent the wearer being struck by hypothermia.


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REVIEW – Wild Things Lowloft Jacket

ITEM:      Low Loft Jacket

MANUFACTURER:      Wild Things


A lower loft, quilted parka intended as a warmth layer in a suite of cold weather clothing.


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REVIEW – Wildthings Softshell Jacket, Lightweight (Coyote Tan)

PRODUCT:      Softshell jacket – Lightweight SO 1.0

MANUFACTURER:            Wildthings


A very lightweight softshell jacket. Rolled up for stowage, an XL sized jacket is approximately 30cm x 10cm.


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REVIEW – Merrell Intercepts

ITEM:      Intercept Lightweight Trail shoe

MANUFACTURER:      Merrell


A lightweight, low profile trail runner.


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