Books – Extreme Wilderness Survival

Whilst I was out solo camping over the weekend, I caught up on some reading.



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Trip Report – Labour Day Long Weekend

I managed to get away for a couple of nights over the long weekend.



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Hunting Trip, Blackbutt April 2023

From the beginning of April, I had opportunity to hunt on private land out past Blackbutt.

It was an awesome time, having shot my first deer!


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REVIEW – Wilderness Equipment Slipstream Plus

ITEM: Slipstream Plus

MANUFACTURER: Wilderness Equipment


A smaller canvas daypack for cycling or walking, with unique zip access.


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Mail Call!

Mail call!


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Training time!

The DG-3 club went for a training walk around Kangaroo Point last night.

I’m very pleased that my body is back in the groove.
6 klicks completed in 1:04hrs with >16kg penalty weight.
I need to weigh my pack to find out just how heavy it is.


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Zen Breathing

An opportunity for a Friday arvo Zen breathing session came up last week.
It was a bit bloody wet though…



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Mental Health, Or… How I Learnt to Love the (C-) Bomb

This is a hard one for me. 

I’m planning on getting deep and meaningful. Possibly exposing my soul to the world. 

I’ll be painfully frank: I am nowhere near a mental health professional. Please bear this in mind. 

Most of this will be simply my own experience and outlook. It may not be the best solution recommended by mental health professionals. 

Our tribe – military, emergency services and the hard industries – traditionally do pretty badly at recognizing and acknowledging mental health and the impact it has on us, our lives and our families. 

This is at an individual, collective and institutional level. 


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Sneak Peek – Ammunition Carriage

For many years in my youth, I was spoiled with detachable box magazines and the conveniences they brought into my life.

Detachable box magazines are great for ease of use and protecting ammunition from the rigors and knocks of everyday field life.


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The Cheerleader – Refurbishment Part 1

For those who have been following along for the last couple of months, Part 1 of the Cheerleader refurb project is complete.



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