Hunting Trip, Blackbutt April 2023

From the beginning of April, I had opportunity to hunt on private land out past Blackbutt.

It was an awesome time, having shot my first deer!

Red deer, spiker. I’m told about a year old.


We were working in a three man team (2x spotters, 1x shooter). One of my mate’s rifle had pulled up unserviceable.
One of the lads detected him, gave me a target indication and I started stalking trying to flank him and negate the sun in my eyes.

When he walked into the area I was planning on re-acquiring him from, I racked up my optic (Kahles k15i) up to full power, took a sight picture standing unsupported. I didn’t like the percentages on that, and dropped to a sitting position just like I’ve done in military shooting competitions for years.
My sight picture accounted for the 6 inch sapling obscuring his near side (left) shoulder and the trigger was pulled at a range of 80 meters.

It was satisfying to watch the illuminated reticle settle straight back onto POA (Point of Aim), and watch him drop at the same time.
Bang, flop.
He didn’t go anywhere except down.


Although it shall be alleged that I conducted “advance to contact” to check on the target, and kept scanning my flanks 🤣
Old habits imbued by grumpy, angry old men with boots and pace sticks die hard 🤣

Broke a bit of Fudd-lore with this one, too many keep telling me that 5.56 won’t work on these heavily armoured deer…

The remnants of the round was recovered from the offside (right) shoulder. It’s seen here on the forehead of the deer.


Dinner the next night was absolutely delicious!



I’m still buzzed!

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