Sneak Peak – Adventure Kings 200W Solar Blanket

It’s been really exciting times around here.

I’m setting up a tiny house to live in – a long awaited dream since my divorce.

Because I’m chasing a sparky (electrician) to connect up mains power, I’ve been “camping in the backyard” for short periods.

A good mate has lent me his camp battery box and some LED strip lighting.

Whilst I have this camp battery box, I took the opportunity to test out some gear I’ve had sitting around waiting to be tried out.


This Adventure Kings 200W Solar Blanket was purchased a couple of years ago during the height of the pandemic.


I also bought a power regulator, 6m power cable and camp battery box.


Kings gear is Chinese made, and considered cheap.

But for testing concepts, and entry level capabilities, I consider it acceptable provided its deficiencies are accounted for.

Online reviews suggest it’s not an overly efficient panel. But for my uses, it’ll do to trickle charge my main power source.


In my case, I want a power source for around camp or emergency when the power goes out.

I’m only looking at LED strip lighting, charging of comms (mobile phones, hand held radios/batteries), hand held lights and WML (Weapon Mounted Light) batteries.


So far, for a couple of days of fooling around with this setup, I’m pretty happy with how it works.

In only a couple of hours exposure, two bars of power were recharged. I wasn’t exactly optimizing the placement of cells either. Just a hasty deployment.


More evaluation will need to be conducted for long term suitability.

Down the track, I’m planning on two sets of rechargeable batteries for every device I plan to use.

That means CR123, AA and AAA batteries so far.

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