PROJECT INPUT SOUGHT – Weapons Carrier Pack


I have some amazing news and opportunity for you all.

A well known, upstanding, popular commercial designer and longtime supporter to this site has commenced a project to provide the best possible fully specialist packs. In this case, a weapons carrier pack.

What is going to be done here, is the initial brainstorming and consumer questioning. Hence, a unique opportunity is provided to you, the followers of Packs and Beyond to provide some input into the design of this pack.

What is sought, is end-user input into a weapons carrier pack, such as seen in the Mystery Ranch Overload (Review seen HERE) or the Eberlestock series of rifle carriers.

So, outlined below is some of my initial thoughts to direct discussion.


A medium to long range pack for dismounted operations for heavy and support weapons.

Such organisations as DFSW (Direct Fire Support Weapons) Platoons in ADF service.
Exemplar of concept: Mystery Ranch Overload, Eberlestock rifle carrier.

Load to be carried is outlined.
1. SWS (Sniper Weapon System) – 7.62, and larger (.338, .50cal)
2. Carl Gustav 84mm Recoilless Rifle
3. Javelin (FGM-148)
4. Mortar Tube or baseplate/accessories (60mm or 81mm)
5. .50cal M2 HMG, receiver or barrel
6. Tripods
7. Munitions, sights, ancillaries and CES for all of the above
8. Bulky items (radios, electronics, stores)

Method of carrying the load? Orientation – Vertical, or slanted (or even capable of both)?
Access? How to secure and access the support weapon?

Sustainment load – how much load?
Volume? I’m going to suggest 50L
Access to sustainment load?
External stowage – PALS rows? Fixed pouches?

I look forward to your input.

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