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There’s been some really big news from High Range Outdoors this week.

I’ll let you read their own press release to us:

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that High Range Outdoors has made the difficult decision to move production offshore. This is not a decision we took lightly, but our only other option was to cease operating.
While this move was never part of our original plan, the silver lining is that we will now be able to turn our attention to a lot of great projects that were put on the bench due to manufacturing being unviable here.
We started out doing all manufacturing in-house. However, there’s only so much you can do yourself and it wasn’t long before we were so busy that there was little time to continue developing other projects. As our first alternative, we locally outsourced the manufacture of two of our packs, the Bolt 12 and SR20 V2. This resulted in higher than desired prices which had a negative impact on sales.
Our prospect of remaining Australian made was dimmed even further when our local manufacturer was forced to shut their doors for the same reasons in March of this year. Australia just doesn’t have the domestic manufacturing of the US meaning almost all materials have to be imported, add in high labour costs and things get pricey real quick.
To finance this new direction we need to clear some existing stock. We’re offering our remaining Aussie-made packs at an unheard of discount of 20%. This offer will be extended to any pouches purchased with a pack.
Use code P&B 20 at checkout.
Direct deposit as payment method is always appreciated.
If you’d like to add pouches to your order email us directly and we’ll arrange an invoice with the discount applied to the pouches as well.
Non Aussie customers, contact us directly and we’ll arrange an invoice minus tax, with the discount and postage applied.
That’s a really decent discount for Packs and Beyond readers.
Go and see their website at:

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