The end of another year looms closer.

I would like to take this opportunity wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

It has been pretty big around here.

It has been a time for consolidation and catching breath.


Professionally, I’m back on track employed and working some big projects.

Personal life is moving forward in leaps and bounds.

For this place, we’ve kicked some goals with the latest LandForces Conference, which was a great chance to meet and offer possibilities of working together.

Stay safe and watch your flanks, wherever you may be.

Enjoy the time off with friends and family. Time spent with family and loved ones is irreplaceable, as at least a few families are discovering as we speak.



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Mental Health, Or… How I Learnt to Love the (C-) Bomb

This is a hard one for me. 

I’m planning on getting deep and meaningful. Possibly exposing my soul to the world. 

I’ll be painfully frank: I am nowhere near a mental health professional. Please bear this in mind. 

Most of this will be simply my own experience and outlook. It may not be the best solution recommended by mental health professionals. 

Our tribe – military, emergency services and the hard industries – traditionally do pretty badly at recognizing and acknowledging mental health and the impact it has on us, our lives and our families. 

This is at an individual, collective and institutional level. 


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Sneak Peek – Ammunition Carriage

For many years in my youth, I was spoiled with detachable box magazines and the conveniences they brought into my life.

Detachable box magazines are great for ease of use and protecting ammunition from the rigors and knocks of everyday field life.


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The Cheerleader – Refurbishment Part 1

For those who have been following along for the last couple of months, Part 1 of the Cheerleader refurb project is complete.



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On a weekend when my girls were over, we did a camp fire to roast some marshmallows.


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TRIP REPORT – Operation Butterfly, 17-18 September

It was a beautiful, clear sunny weekend in South East Queensland. Perfect weather for Operation Butterfly, which is a round-robin training event with a Queensland geography and history theme.

Scout patrols had to navigate to each checkpoint (aptly named after significant Queensland regions) for typical scouting activities like knotting, construction, trivia quizzes and teamwork exercises.


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TRIP REPORT – Outdoor Extravaganza 03/04 September

We had a great two part outdoor extravaganza on the the first weekend in September.


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SNEAK PEEK – Pocketup Gear Wai Pouches

Mail call from our mates at Pocketup!

We’re trying out a couple of their Wai pockets for canteen stowage.

The plan is to evaluate these Wai pouches on chest rig and pack for water stowage solutions.


Check them out at:

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Tomahawk Refurb Project

Inspiration came to me on a lazy Sunday afternoon for a new project:
Replacing the handle on my tomahawk.


The current handle is polymer synthetic, and it’s way to flexible to be useful.



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INDUSTRY NEWS – Crossfire Australia and Qore Performance

Some great news from our old friends Crossfire Australia partnering up with Qore Performance.

Here, both companies have a chinwag about their capabilities and integration of both companies equipment.

It’s a fascinating discussion. I’ll have to acquire one to try out for integrated hydration options.

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