Tomahawk Refurb Project

Inspiration came to me on a lazy Sunday afternoon for a new project:
Replacing the handle on my tomahawk.


The current handle is polymer synthetic, and it’s way to flexible to be useful.



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INDUSTRY NEWS – Crossfire Australia and Qore Performance

Some great news from our old friends Crossfire Australia partnering up with Qore Performance.

Here, both companies have a chinwag about their capabilities and integration of both companies equipment.

It’s a fascinating discussion. I’ll have to acquire one to try out for integrated hydration options.

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SNEAK PEEK – Wilderness Equipment Slipstream +

The next stage of my life is complete.
I’m acting in a safety/DS role for my scouts this morning as they complete a small navigation exercise.


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SNEAK PEEK – Krieger Industries IFAK Pouch

I recently acquired a mini-IFAK (Immediate First Aid Kit) pouch to carry some medical supplies whilst at work or out and about in my daypack. 


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SNEAK PEEK: Kondalilla Falls and the DG-3 Slick

Thanks to our old friends and long time supporters at Crossfire Australia, we had an opportunity to try out a new pack.
The DG-3 Slick is an internal frame, less “tactical” looking pack for those wanting to look a little bit less obvious, or just not needing external pouch capability.


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SNEAK PEAK – The Field Office

A recent discussion amongst Primary and Secondary moderators had us comparing notebook sizes.

One of the lads had a fairly decent collection of Australian issue Field Notebooks that he acquired whilst deployed and co-located with Australian troops.
It reminded me of my field notebook setup.

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Seasons Greetings – 2021

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


If you’re working or deployed, please watch your flanks and stay safe. Know that we are thinking of you in these times.

It’s still been a rough time for many out there, and it’s my sincerest wish that things get better for you and your loved ones treading those more challenging paths.

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Sneak Peek – Drivers Vest

Kicking it old school.

A blast from the past, memories of my mis-spent youth.


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TRIP REPORT – LandForces Conference, June 2021

LandForces Conference was on again this year.

It’s billed as a forum for decision-makers throughout the region to enable networking opportunities between manufacturers, senior management (both civil and military), and equipment/service suppliers. This means there’s some really big international conglomerates as well as small business.


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SNEAK PEEK – Woody’s Wynda

It was at LandForces Conference earlier this year that we were fortunate to meet and have a chinwag with the team behind Woody’s Wyndas.


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